Waterhousegold Ltd. owns a Gold Mining Concession in Ghana.  It has several Online businesses, some of them listed on the website. The company Online Business began by diversifying through creation and acquisitions of Online Websites.

Since its primary business is in Gold mining and trading in Ghana formerly the Gold Coast, it has taken time to provide the process of buying Gold from Ghana on this website for potential Gold Investors and Traders.



Gold operations in Ghana are in two sectors.

                                    The Large Mining Companies

                                    The Small-Scale sector

The small Scale sector are made up of individuals, small and medium size companies. Precious Mineral Marketing Company Limited (PMMC) are responsible for them.

PMMC has the contract to sell its gold to overseas gold refineries. New applicants will always be considered.

Overseas buyers seeking to purchase gold from Ghana can contact other licensed gold buyers, but must seek confirmation with PMMC to authenticate the transaction and their legitimacy.

Buyers are advised NOT to pay cash directly to any local suppliers in view of Gold SCAMS, the company can advise prospective buyers.



A.        Gold meant for export must be delivered to PMMC shipment desk on the 4th Floor accompanied by a letter identifying the exact address of the recipient and airline.

B.        PMMC shall issue an Assay Invoice, which will indicate the weight and the purity of the gold being exported.

C.        Gold for export shall be sealed and secured in metal boxes

            by  PMMC in the presence of the following officers:

            Ghana Custom Officials

             PMMC Officials

             The Licensed   Gold Buyer (LGB) who has requested

              for the  gold export. 

D.        PMMC will complete the Bank of Ghana (BOG) and Ghana Customs export documents on behalf of the exporter.

E.         The exporter is required to supply the full delivery details: physical address and telephone contact of the person overseas.

F.         PMMC will transport the gold to Kotoka International Airport (KIA), and hand over the gold to the Airline to air freight it to the overseas gold buyer.

G.        Insurance and Airfreight charges are bone by the  

            exporter and the overseas buyer.


The gold for export will be accompanied by the following documents:

           PMMC Assay Invoice which will indicate;

                   Purity (i.e. Gold content),

                   Quantity in Ounces and Kg, and

                   Value in both US Dollars and local currency.

                   Bank of Ghana (BOG) and Ghana Customs export documents.

                   Airway Bill.

4.        FEES

A.        Funds in US Dollars representing the export value of the gold should be transferred to a first class bank, with the Licensed Gold Buyer noted therein as the beneficiary,

PMMC can also provide the Bank transfer instructions to the exporter for the information of the overseas Buyer to facilitate the transfer of funds and secured payments.

B.        PMMC fees for the export of gold are:

           Shipment charges:             0.5% of the export value of the gold

             US$250 if gold is below 1kg

           Assay charges:                    $25.00 per bar of 5Kgs

           Smelting charges:               $10 per Kg of gold.

These fees are payable on the day of export of the gold.

The value of the gold will be based on the spot price of the London Metal Exchange (LME) on the day of  export of  gold.



The company PMMC exports gold on behalf of third parties for a commission. Individuals and Local Buying Agents can export their gold to any destination through PMMC for an approved charge of 0.5% of the total value of gold to be exported.

The company also smelts and assays gold at the request of agents and suppliers.


All who wish to acquire a gold buyers and export license must send a written request on company letterhead to the Managing Director, PMMC. Your letter will be immediately replied to.

1.       PMMC licenses are valid from January to December of each   year.

2.       With the individual licenses, the customer fills the required form,adds four (4) passport pictures and the fees.

3.        For a company license, complete the forms and add the documents of the registered company along with an application letter and pay the required fees.

4.        The license process takes five working days.

Smelting Gold and Buying Procedure

           Gold is weighed in the laboratory and a receipt issued for 


           After payment is made at the cash office, the gold dust is taken to the smelting basement, to be smelted in the presence of the customer and a security officer from PMMC.

           The gold is then brought back to the laboratory to be weighed 

           and assayed.

           PMMC does not assay and issue assay results on gold unless

           it  is being exported or by special request.

           Your gold can be stored at PMMC awaiting export

           The client who has a license with PMMC and wants to store his gold must bring a deposit letter, on the letterhead of the company, indicating the weight and value of the gold. A receipt is issued after the deposit.

           When the customer wants to release the gold, a release letter, also containing the weight and value of the gold should be brought to PMMC. The receipt which was issued must also be returned by the SAME person who did the deposit.


           PMMC buys pure gold and gold scrap.

           Gold can be sold in PMMC by anyone.

           The gold is weighed and assayed in the laboratory and, if the price is agreed upon by the customer, a receipt is issued.

           The gold price is based on the spot world market gold price

           If the value of the gold is GHS15,000 or less, it is paid in the PMMC office. If it is above GHS15,000, a cheque is issued for payment.


The Precious Minerals Marketing Company Limited (PMMC) wishes to inform all foreigners who intend to purchase gold and diamonds in Ghana to be guided as detailed hereunder, in order to avoid being swindled by fraudsters and con artists.

1.        All offers received from individual private mining companies, licensed buyers, for the supplies of gold and diamonds, are to be confirmed with the Precious Minerals Marketing Company Limited, Diamond House, Accra. All such correspondences are to be addressed to the Managing Director, P. O. Box M.108, Accra for advice. Telephone numbers: - 00-233-(0)30-266-4931 / 266-4932 / 266-4933 / 266-4934 / 266-4350, and 266-4360. Fax number: 00-233-30-2662586. Email: -pmmc@pmmcghana.com

2.        The offices of Precious Minerals Marketing Company Limited are at the Diamond House, near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and adjacent to the Registrar-Generals Department in Accra and in Tarkwa at the Small Scale Mining Centre.

3.        Prospective buyers are strictly advised not to make any prepayments in cash for gold and diamonds supplies.

4.        All exports, except for direct license holders, of gold and diamonds are done by the Precious Minerals Marketing Company Limited on behalf of sellers/suppliers to overseas buyers destinations, after inspection and sealing by the Ghana Customs Service.

5.        Any person who claims to have gold for sale should be directed to deliver the gold and diamonds at the Precious Minerals Marketing Company Limited, for testing/assaying.  Thereafter, the Precious Minerals Marketing Company Limited will confirm the genuineness and value of the gold to the prospective overseas buyers.

6.        Overseas buyers are to note that gold is normally sold in Ghana in the smelted form.  Offers for sale of gold dust at low prices are not genuine and should be ignored.  Pricing of gold in Ghana are based on the London Metal Exchange (LME) quotes. Therefore offers with big discounts ranging from 10% off the LME are only meant to entice overseas buyers to part with cash to the fraudsters, who normally ask for additional fees in respect of incidental expenses like transportation, commission, security, movement, handling, documentation and insurance. All such fees are false.  The only genuine fees are freight charges and insurance.

7.        Inspection and assay certificates purported to have been issued by Geological Survey and Societe General de Souveillante may not be genuine, and should be cross-checked with PMMC.

8.        Presentations made to foreigners about large holdings of gold dust by people designated as chiefs, relatives of famous and respected chiefs, land owners, & miners are fairy tales and not to be believed.  For all such claims, the owners should be directed to deliver the gold to Precious Minerals Marketing Company Limited, for testing & valuation, as indicated in (4) above. Please ignore suppliers who refuse to deliver gold/ diamond to PMMC for certification and offer various excuses.  They are likely to be fraudsters.

9.        There are several addresses of self-acclaimed agents on the internet with potential to offer large quantities of gold from Ghana. Be Careful!!!!!!!!!!!

It will be your responsibility if you acts contrary to these guidelines.

If you are interested in purchasing gold or diamonds in Ghana, for information contact us.

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